“I’m going grey! I’m balding!” Men, here’s what you can do.

Fellas, you’re not alone in these thoughts. No one ever prepares us for the way our bodies age. While women tend to focus on the face when it comes to ageing, men have different concerns.

There’s a stereotype that men get better with age, while women are worrying about wrinkles. But going grey is something that men deal with, especially because it’s less common to just dye your hair like women do. The masculine mind takes over and tells you, ‘dying your hair is feminine’ but of course, it’s not.

There are plenty of tools available to you if you notice you’re becoming a silver fox. Let’s explore the hair products for grey hair.

What are the men’s grey cover up products?

Is grey actually cool? Is it a TREND? If you’ve started to notice grey spots on your hair, take a deep breath. This is not a style death sentence, not with the products available today.

You have two choices: 

  1. Rock the grey look
  2. Use semi-permanent colours, usually a shampoo to get rid of the grey hair, temporarily

What are the Men’s shampoo for grey hair?

Want to cover your grey hair in seconds? Well, seconds might not be possible, but minutes is doable. There are products available to you that gently colours your hair without damaging it.

The best shampoo for grey hair is the semi-permanent colouring helps to mask grey strands on your hair, beard or stache! In five minutes, you can awaken your colour, so it won’t add much more time onto your shower.  

If your not sure which colour will suit you, get in contact with us, our barbering specialist are on standby to help you out.

If you have a special occasion and want a colour that will wash out the next day you could try our colour waxes which come in Black or Grey.

If you have decided to rock the grey look but are starting to notice an brassy undertone then try our Grey shampoo...it comes out purple but don't worry it won't dye your hair!

Is shampoo hair colour safe?

Yes, these colour shampoos are easy to apply, free from ammonia and parabens, and the tone fades out over time. This is a ‘guys’ way of colouring hair – easy, natural looking, non-committal, and no one will ever know. You won’t have to worry about having to ‘dye’ your hair often, because products like this are packed with hair-loving antioxidants.

Is there a shampoo that colours grey hair, specifically? 

In the Beardburys collection, we have four colour shampoos to choose from: Black, dark brown, light brown and grey.

Grey? Yep, some guys want to celebrate their silver locks, rather than hide it....as mentioned above maintain the greys with our purple shampoo.

You’re probably also wondering one last question before you shampoo that colour in…

‘How can I hide my grey hair without dying it?

It’s not easy, nor will any strategy offer longevity but there are ways to visually hide the grey strands. you can part your hair in a different way (this is easier for women) or avoid pulling it back if the grey hair falls around your face. By slicking it back, you’ll reveal the strands.

There are also hats and accessories that can cover the hair, but these aren’t always appropriate to wear. Hence, why we suggested you have one of two options: to embrace the grey hair or use grey-covering colour shampoo or coloured waxes.

Lastly, breathe! Grey hair (and ageing of any kind) can be related to stress. Are you working too much? Drinking too much or smoking? Look at your lifestyle and see if there are any clues as to what’s triggering the greys. 

How about styling products? What is hair wax colour?

Hair colour wax is a short-term option that covers or hides the first signs of grey. If you’ve just started noticing those grey streaks, explore the best hair wax for men products. What is hair wax colour used for? It’s a daily colour that washes out immediately in the shower, unlike progressively losing tone like the semi-permanent shampoo.

The benefits of hair colour wax

This is a quick win product, if you’re looking for an instant grey cover up. Yes, hair wax does work on dark hair – you just have to purchase the Black option. And how do you use hair colour wax? Exactly like any other pomade. It doubles as a pomade-colouring product, so it’s extremely beneficial for men who don’t have much time and want an easy styling option. Keep in mind the fixation and shine percentage of the product, so you’re happy with the way it styles your hair.

Products to look at: Grey and Black Colour Wax

Do I need products for my bald head?

Instead of greys, you might be worried about balding hair. As you frantically type in ‘products for bald head’ in Google, you start to think: maybe I don’t even need products now. Well, before you throw away your hair products in haste, let us tell you this… you DO need products to care for your scalp, regardless of how much hair you have.

We know, we know… you thought you got off the hook, didn’t you? Scalp care is even more important for bald heads, and no, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. This just gives you more incentive to grow that rocking stubble or beard.

Best products for bald head

What can I use on my bald head?

How can I make my bald head look good?

How do I make my bald head shine?

We’re got the answer: Dr Bald. This daily lotion and shampoo duo won the Best New Innovation in the 2018 Beauty Global Awards. It’s the ultimate line for balding men, formulated to cleanse and care for the scalp. It’s super gentle, non-irritating, free from nasties, and made with natural extracts.

You’ll be rocking the sexy Jason Statham look with a little bit of hair and stubble.

Products to consider: Dr Bald

Guys, ageing is a part of life. There’s no escaping it but these semi-permanent hair colours, waxes and scalp care products certainly make the transition easier. Heck, they’re SO good, you’ll only be looking ahead, excited at this new style you’re exuding.