Fellas, a guide to choosing & using hair & beard pomades.

Gone are the days where taking care of your hair is considered ‘feminine.’ No siree, not in this modern world. The stubble and beard, by default, checks off the ‘masculine’ box. You’re just looking for products that bring your look altogether, right?

You’re a mix of the 60’s icon, Don Draper, with the well-kept hair… and inspiration from the previous stubble/beard hippie. The facial hair has become just as important as your style the hair on your head.

If you’re thinking, ‘oh yeah, this is so me’, this guide is for you. We’ve answered all the common questions that barbers get, as well as many more. And even if you don’t have any facial hair, that’s okay. You’re going to want to switchover to pomades for your hair after reading this…

What is the best wax for my hair?

Pomade is a waxy, water-based substance that’s a popular choice for hair styling. If you’ve ever tried a hair gel before, you’ll know what we mean. Gels often leave a sticky residue and smell on the hair (and hands), giving off that ‘wet’ look, even when it’s dry. It’ll ‘set’ into a style, which isn’t easy to change.

What does hair pomade do?

Well, it’s a fun, flexible way to style your hair (even the most stubborn of locks). Pomade doesn’t contain alcohol, so it’s much better for your hair and skin. It has a great holding power and is packed with great smells, like essential oils. But does pomade help hair growth? Well, given that the ingredients are kind to the hair, it certainly doesn’t hinder regeneration.

How often to use hair pomade?

You won’t need to take a shower just to re-do your hair. A good product lasts 24 hours, so how often you decide to use hair pomade depends on when you want that new look. We’d suggest it’s every day, once you experience the pros of hair pomade.

Pomade leaves no traces of product, so it’s the best wax for your hair. In terms of how to use pomade on your hair, just put a small amount in your hands and let it guide your styling. The types of hair pomade include matte, natural or shine. In terms of what are the best pomade styles, the sky’s the limit. It works for short straight hair with a simple side part, as well as taming curls and creating a cool messy look.

You might be thinking: can you put hair pomade on your moustache or beard? Yes, you can. With pomades, there are no boundaries.

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Now, let’s talk pomades for beards.

So, now that you know pomades can be used for that glorious beard of yours, you probably have some questions. Is hair pomade and beard the same? Can you use hair pomades on a beard?

Okay, beard pomade is a leave-in conditioner that contains nourishing ingredients that both style and hydrate the hair. It tames fly aways and keeps that prized possession looking great, rather than dry and weathered. How often to use beard pomade depends on you. Most use it every day – it’s just like a hair product.

How to use beard pomade?

It’s just like the process you follow when styling your head of hair. Take a dab of product, rub it between both hands and move it along each section of your beard. When to start using beard pomade depends on a range of factors, such as length and dryness. If your beard feels like straw, looks untamed (and your honey is complaining), it might be time for some pomade lovin’.

Does beard pomade actually help the beard grow?

Yes, but it comes down to what ingredients are in it. Pomades help create a fuller shape, which will make it look thicker. Make sure you choose pomades that are all-natural, as they’re formulated to grow beards faster (and avoid that annoying itch which can damage the skin).

In terms of how pomade styles your beard, think of it more as a way to control the hair. You don’t necessarily need to creatively style beards and moustaches. Rather, it’s about moisturising, taming, and controlling, so the hair sits in place. You’re not exactly looking for any quirky quiffs.

But, what about beard oil or balm?

You’ve probably come across research that explores which is better, beard pomade or beard oil? You might be wondering, are there are real benefits of using beard balm? What’s the difference between beard balm and pomade?

Beard oil is the lightest in terms of hold and thickness. The choice that’s best for you depends on your beard length, skin type, and preference of finish (shiny or matte). Do you want something to last all day, without having to touch it?

Because beard oil is a light moisturiser, it’s better on shorter, trimmed hair. For those rockin’ medium-long beards, balm/pomades are the way to go. Beard balm is a pomade. It’s easy to comb into the beard to settle strays and create a clean, neat look.

Pomade is best for shaping and conditioner longer beards. Don’t look past the ingredients list. This is even more important than the label, as what’s inside will determine how it interacts with your beard and skin.

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